Prioritize decisions and become a better leader.

airfocus is not just another project management app. It is designed as an addon that integrates with the likes of Jira and Trello to fill the missing gap: Identifying what is priority, and what is not.

Set up your first scoring in less than 5 minutes.
Prioritization is not an easy task.
airfocus helps decision makers in solving
the most common challenges of that process:
How to prioritize
Create an intuitive scoring framework that brings clarity to the structure of higher-level initiatives
How to stay aligned
Involve collaborators and communicate decisions and strategies transparently so everyone can follow your lead
Choose your strategic drivers
airfocus provides you with ready-to-use templates built on the most effective decision-making methods. Choose one to get started or select your own custom set of criteria.
Add your items
Select and add projects, ideas, and / or initiatives as items on your list. Or simply use our integration tool to import from Jira or Trello to have your content synced across all your tools.

Rate your items
Provide a rating for each of your items' criteria. You now have a prioritized list based on the factors & criteria you chose earlier.

Discuss, decide & share
As far as input goes, that's it. Switch to chart and /or roadmap view and start discussing priorities with your team and stakeholders. Make decisions on who, what, when and share your roadmap to get everyone aligned.
For solo decision makers
  • Only 1 user

    Unlimited documents
  • All prioritization features
$9 / month *
Start free 30 day trial
For teams
  • Minimum 3 users

    Unlimited documents

    All prioritization features

    Trello integration

    Jira integration

    Team collaboration

$15 / month / user *
Start free 30 day trial
Interested in a custom solution? Get in touch with us! Have questions? Check out or help center and FAQs.

* When billed annually (save 20 % with annual billing).
airfocus collects sales taxes in states where it is required by law. Stated prices do not include these taxes.


Across industries and various job titles, see how airfocus helps decision makers and teams focus on the right stuff.
Product management
Product teams use airfocus to give stakeholders a say in what to build next and help prioritize features. The app complements existing scrum or kanban processes and gives everyone clarity on product strategy and roadmap.
Project management
Project managers across industries make decisions and build roadmaps on airfocus. Beautiful, auto-generated exports, help the people they work with keep up with the issues with priority.
Sales & marketing
Prioritizing the most promising initiatives to grow and retain customers is key. airfocus empowers sales and marketing managers to align their goals and roadmaps with other departments to reduce dependencies.
CXOs and managing directors
"Companies that actively prioritize are worth 40 % more than their peers."(McKinsey). Chief executives and managing directors use airfocus to make and communicate consistent prioritization decisions and get everyone aligned.
What features to build next and what projects to implement were both huge challenges for my travel startup. airfocus empowered us to have the right kind of discussions at our monthly roadmap meeting.
Christian Heimerl
CEO, tripl
Our sales team uses airfocus to identify key areas of focus for each quarter. Now everyone knows what is important and even more importantly what can be neglected.
Tom Adebahr
Sales Director, XING Marketing Solutions
Learn about prioritization, decision making and focus.
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